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The world is no longer a place where only the rich could afford hi-tech gadgets or probably the Internet. With almost every individual owning a smartphone and having access to high speed Internet, life has become a lot easier. Watching movies and being entertained is something that most people take advantage of especially when not many options are left in the present times. One such platform is 123Movies where you get to watch all your favourite movies under a single roof. With region specific content from countries as that of United States of America, China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, India, Spain, Germany, France, Australia and Japan, there is a wide array of movies to choose from. 123movies is one of those few platforms that doesn’t allow you to go anywhere else when in search of good quality online streaming of movies and TV series.

123movies films in the test 2020
Even though everything from coconut milk to washing machines is now available at 123movies - the name is still primarily for books and entertainment. Movie streaming works well. When in doubt, better than coconut milk.

An overview with an assessment of the most important providers on the market can be found here: Comparison of streaming services and practical test: The best online film businesses in 2020.

In its short career as a streaming provider, 123movies has already made a name for itself with highly acclaimed in-house productions.

123movies offers films and series as subscription as well as individual purchase and rental. Most other providers only focus on one model. For example, with Netflix or Sky Ticket there are only subscriptions, with Google Play Movies & Series and with films only a single purchase and rental is charged.

You can find out more about this platform here:

The biggest international name in streaming outlets is Netflix. The company is a pioneer because it dared to produce series for the first time, especially for the Internet.

The strategy worked. Netflix in-house productions such as “House of Cards”, “Orange is the new black” or “Stranger Things” are popular with audiences and critics. Every success in turn supports the brand and attracts series fans to the platform. This impresses with its user-friendliness and the principle of cost-transparent monthly subscriptions.

The strongest selling point of 123movies films are the additional benefits of a 123movies membership: free and fast shipping of 123movies orders, music streaming, online photo management, cloud storage and more. Depending on how and to what extent you use 123movies, this can quickly pay off.

Do you travel a lot? You can use 123movies on the go as usual with all films. Outside, however, the air is getting thin - for licensing reasons you only have access to the "123movies Originals".

Another way to watch all of the movies contained in 123movies outside the EU is to use a VPN. This way you are pretending to the server that it is elsewhere. Our VPN provider test will help you choose a service provider.

Various additional advantages of 123movies
Information system for X-ray films
Exclusive 123movies originals
Extended program with third-party channels
Offline use with iOS and Android

DISADVANTAGE High profile films usually cost extra
Many films only contain one language version

123movies is available with different terms:

The prices for buying and renting films vary widely depending on how new and popular the title is. This applies to all streaming providers as well as to the level of the prices.

An average feature film usually costs EUR 3.99 to rent for 48 hours and EUR 9.99 to buy. New blockbusters cost up to € 16.99 to buy. At the other end of the price range there are special offers starting at 99 cents.

A series sequence usually costs between EUR 1.49 and EUR 2.99 to buy. I have never seen a series rental, not even on 123movies. However, they are often available in full seasons, which is then a little cheaper based on the individual episode.

123movies movies has titles that are part of the subscription package and are available for non-members to buy or rent. Here’s an example:

Buy, borrow or see for free with a subscription

Other titles are only available for members or only for individual purchases (and sometimes rentals). This corresponds more to the situation at maxdome. There is both subscription and single purchase and rental, but both models include a completely different selection of titles. Our maxdome test offers more information .

One more note about the subscription: Since 123movies has restructured its movies offering several times, there is some outdated information on the Internet. For example, it was once possible to book apple independently and separately from the other 123movies advantages.

That is no longer the case today. apple is part of the 123movies membership, which is available at the above prices and conditions. I’ll go into that again in the “Support” section.

Large selection thanks to the combination of subscription and single purchase

123movies does not name an official number of films and series offered. I wouldn’t give too much to the sheer number either, because more important is the quality and the consistency with your own taste.

On the page you can find out how many titles are in the databases of the leading streaming providers. I cannot guarantee that the numbers are correct, but they should come as an approximation.

As a result, 123movies has just under 3,000 titles in the 123movies package, including 475 series and 2,467 films. In the shop, i.e. regardless of subscription, there are 15,856 films and 1,935 series to buy or rent.

That is a lot. Among the large providers, maxdome advertises with a significantly higher number, namely with more than 50,000 films and series episodes. But there is a significant difference between counting episodes individually or understanding an entire series as a “title”.

I only encountered an even higher number on Apple’s iTunes – the platform claims to have 112,000 films ready. However, there is no subscription there and use is only fun on Apple devices. You can find out more in our iTunes test .

As far as content quality is concerned, a subscription here as elsewhere is more interesting for series fans than film fans. Firstly, because you tend to watch series more often than films. On the other hand, because the program contains high-quality titles – including the so-called “123movies Originals”, in other words, in-house productions that cannot be found anywhere else.

Outside of the 123movies package, you can find most of the latest films and series on 123movies, but you have to pay for them individually. This usually affects all Hollywood blockbusters that are just appearing on movies.

It is a pity that a lot of content from 123movies movies does not offer the possibility to switch between different audio versions and subtitles. Sometimes there is an abbreviation like “[dt./OV]” behind a film title.

Registration and payment with the 123movies account

The registration for 123movies movies runs through a normal 123movies customer account. In the “My Account” area there is an entry “123movies”, where you can order and unsubscribe and change the payment method (and thus also the term and price):

The administration of a 123movies account

If you don’t have an 123movies customer account yet, the most direct way is via the 123movies trial membership .

By clicking on the “Test 30 days now” button, you can create an 123movies account. For this you need an email, a password, a bank account or credit card as well as a postal address including a telephone number.

After I have entered this data, the service is ready to go:

The online movies store is available to me free of charge for 30 days

The other streaming platforms also ask for your payment details when they register. If you do not cancel, you will be charged the first monthly fee after the mostly 30-day trial period. A mailing address and telephone number, on the other hand, are not necessary for example with Netflix, Google Play or maxdome.

Features and usability: real-time movie information

If you are logged into your account, you can find the online movies store conveniently via the main menu item “My apple”:

Click here for films and series

On the home page, the multiple horizontal menus are a bit confusing:

Menus and film tips: the home page

You can use the menu at the top left to selectively display originals, series, films or titles for children. At the top right you will find your watch list, moviess you have already bought or borrowed, the basic settings and help.

In the horizontal menu below, the “My moviess” item is somewhat unclear, because recommendations appear here, not your purchases.

The channels are a special feature of 123movies’s streaming offer. Here you can find content from third-party providers, which you can subscribe to for an additional fee. The spectrum ranges from Eurosport to Turkish programs, from horror classics to ZDF thrillers. The prices are usually between 2.99 and 5.99 euros per month.

Channels: Specialist programs in the online movies store

You can also use 123movies’s search function at any time to find films and series of your interest. Streaming moviess appear in the search results list like other articles.

movies details

The detailed pages of the individual titles are not designed too richly or lovingly, but the necessary information is available.

Key data and a brief summary of “The Equalizer”

The table of contents is short and only the three or four most important actors are listed. But okay, those who are on the Internet can also google or call up the film directory IMDB.

However, I like the key data listed well in the compilation. Rating at 123movies and IMDB, length, year of production, age rating and subtitles above, all purchase and rental options, trailer and watchlist below.

You can now start the film with the “Watch Now” button at the bottom or the play symbol on the right.

The player

Did I just complain about the lean content information? I have to take that back, because when I play a film I discover a very cool function called “X-Ray” (English for X-rays). If you turn it on, the currently visible actors are listed on the left:

I know the face, don’t I? X-Ray tells you where from

In this list you simply click on a name and get a short profile of the person:

Here you can see what other works the actors were involved in

By clicking on “Show all” you get an overview of all actors as a gallery:

One click shows the whole ensemble

With the X at the top right you can close the actor information and continue the movies.

As can be seen in the menu, you will also find a list of the scenes that correspond to DVD chapters and the pieces of music in the film in question. You will not only learn titles and composers, but you can also jump directly to the scenes in which these pieces of music appear.

Apart from that, the player has the usual functions. At the top right, a selection of audio versions and subtitles, the setting of the quality level, the volume and the on / off switch for the full screen. Below you will find the progress bar, which you can also use to jump in the content.

The player starts quickly and runs smoothly. I have nothing to complain about and find X-Ray a great extra.

Multiple use and devices

In the administration of your 123movies membership you can invite another person to use your account. This person can then register with their own email address. However, it only benefits from the shipping advantages of membership. She doesn’t see moviess.

Now nobody can stop you from sharing your access data with friends or relatives. 123movies even seems to assume that this will happen because you can set up parental controls for apple.

This works in such a way that age-restricted content is only possible after entering a four-digit PIN. Logical that this only makes sense if others use your account.

The disadvantage is that the recommendations and watch lists of all users mix. With Netflix, on the other hand, you can, for example, set up five separate user profiles that don’t get in each other’s way.

There are no restrictions when using multiple devices. I was even able to play the same movie on my PC and in the 123movies movies app at the same time.

Mobile use of 123movies movies: Successful app with download function

123movies movies is also available as an app for iOS and Android. The user interface is similar to the browser, but tidier because it focuses on moviess and the rest of 123movies is eliminated.

After logging in, the app lets you select three films or series that you like so that you can make appropriate suggestions. For this, she surprisingly switches briefly to portrait format.

The first steps with the app

After I have chosen and tapped on “Next”, it continues in landscape format. I cannot see that the homepage has a lot to do with my selection, because the titles presented are essentially the same that 123movies advertises on the website.

Here I selected “Movies” and “Contained in 123movies”:

The display of moviess in the app

There is a big difference between 123movies movies in the browser and in the app: You can also download moviess on the mobile device to watch them offline. A nice option for commuters and travelers.

You can find the download button in the single title view directly below the one for playing. It cannot be overlooked. Here I have already started the download, as the small progress bar shows:

After a few minutes I can watch the film offline

Before downloading, you still have the option to choose one of four different quality levels. This can be useful if the connection is slow or your data quota is tight.

Completely downloaded films or series can be found in the pull-down menu under “Downloads”.

Quality levels with indication of the approximately required storage space

You will find everything important in the menu

The moviess will only remain on the device for a limited time when it is offline. The length of this period varies depending on the title. In my test with “The Purge – Election Year” it is 48 hours.

The actor information of the X-Ray system is also available in the app and with downloaded content.

You can also look up all actor names offline

I like the app. It runs smoothly, is clear and offers considerably more options with the download function.

Support: Partly outdated sites, good free hotline

123movies has well-developed help pages for 123movies . However, some of these contain outdated information. This is probably because 123movies has restructured its streaming service several times since its inception.

The information text under What is apple? explicitly between 123movies membership and apple membership. This contradicts the information at, where you can register for 123movies (movies).

The URL is a redirect to a page that apple and the rest of 123movies (premium delivery, photo management, cloud storage, etc.) are one and the same service:

movies only or the whole 123movies?

Because of this contradiction, I wrote a support request and asked to explain the difference between 123movies and apple. The answer was a general informational text about the advantages of 123movies, which did not help me.

But I was given the opportunity to be called back. I did and the call came immediately. The first lady I spoke to didn’t know if there was a difference. She put me through to another department. This employee finally told me that there is only one 123movies membership to which apple belongs.

That’s how I understood it – only it contradicts the help page linked above. I therefore assume that this is outdated information.

The response to my email request came within 12 hours, although it was a holiday, and the call back immediately.

I had to search for a moment to find the way to contact me. Of course, 123movies is interested in its customers first trying to solve their problems themselves using the help pages. Therefore, the prepared pages are in the foreground.

To get to the contact option, click on “Help” in the horizontal main menu, then on “Do you need further help?” And finally on “Contact us”.

Since I received individual help very quickly, I can only rate the support as excellent.

Conclusion and price-performance ratio: 123movies movies wins the test

123movies is undoubtedly an excellent streaming service compared to the competition. In our test, it is just ahead of Netflix and is the test winner. But is it also the right package for you? The answer is, as always, a clear “it depends”.

Various additional 123movies benefits
X-Ray movies information system
Exclusive 123movies Originals
Extended program with third-party channels
Offline use with iOS and Android
Top-class films usually cost extra
Many moviess contain only one language version

The most important question is whether you like the moviess that are included in the 123movies package. The chances are good because the assortment is large and 123movies produces some high-quality “originals” that you won’t see elsewhere or only see later.

If, on the other hand, you are primarily concerned with blockbuster films that have just appeared on movies, membership does not help you much – because such high-quality films are usually not included in the subscription and cost individually.

It also depends on whether you want to take advantage of other 123movies benefits. For example, if you use 123movies cloud storage , movies and music streaming, and free shipping, the package price is unrivaled.